Monday, January 11, 2010


Well, here are a bunch of pictures of the last half of 09.
We have been busy. Mom is working hard on her masters degree, and working and taking care of us, so she has not had a ton of time to help me with the blog. She still has about 8 months to go....we are all hanging in ok with this busy time.
We had a lot of things go on, even with mom being so busy.....

Dad is doing great. This past spring he bought me a BMX bike, and in July we started going to a local BMX track. He has got us hooked on it. He is really enjoying taking us biking, and teaching us skills. He is just so happy at the track. AND we are really getting good. Mom is amazed to watch us now, and then look back at pictures of when we started - it is really fun.

We started school in the fall - me in first grade, Izaac in all day KG. We are both continueing with piano (Izaac started over the summer), and that is fun for me, but Izaac is a little young. He is also small - his hands can barely span 5 keys. He doesn't like practicing very much, but he doesn't want to quit.

I love school, and love my teacher. I am kind of a teacher's pet. Izaac is a little troublemaker sometimes - got a letter home saying he was standing on the chair making monkey noises. Mom couldn't stop laughing....which doesn't help him learn the right way to behave. I could tell him the right way to behave at school - mom just wishes I would behave at home the way i behave at school. I am reading really well. And Izaac has learned and matured so much. His fine dexterity is a little behind - but he is getting better at writing, and slowly reading letters.

For fun, we went to Mexico this summer with Nana, Pop, mom and dad. It was great!!!! Too bad mom was doing an online class at the same time...But later in the summer she and her friend Kate and Kate's kids Sadie and Cooper and us all went on a mom and kids RV trip too Wyoming for over a week! Hiking, biking, hot springs, camping in warm weather, camping in freezing weather, dealing with an old RV - it was great!!!! Mom's camera died half way - she still needs to get pictures from kate!

We also spent a lot of time BMXing, and continued when school started. We started doing clinics with a couple young professional BMXers so that we learn how to BMX the best we can. I won one of these guys' number plate - for being the hardest worker in the clinic.

We added a new member to the family - Sunny, the cockatiel, we adopted from nana and pop, and they brought him up from arizona when they came to visit in September.

Courtney, who will be turning 14 in march, is doing well, for almost 14. She stumbles sometimes, and wants to go out a million times a day - mom thinks she has lost her mind, and forgets that she has just gone out. But she is still frisky, and happy.

The winter has been cold this year, but we have still managed to bike and do things, although lately it has been really cold.

The holidays were fun - Grandma and Jiddo were here, and we hung out with our cousins and got to go skiing.

January has started out with a bang - the first weekend there were BMX races and I got my first 1st place! yay! It was a big race too!
Izaac would've gotten 3rd in his group, but he crashed! oh well, next time!

well, hopefully we will keep up with the blog this year.....


Izaac and Izzie

Izaac and cousin Sammer
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Winter Solstice at home

Holidays at Grandma's

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7 years old!!!

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my 7th birthday morning

new clothes from nana

my birthday party
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Crazy hair day at school

at the track with cooper
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BMX clinic

Me (and zac - not in picture) started doing BMX clinics
with deke and herm (two cool guys that we listen better to than our parents)
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More wedding pics

Izaac cutting it up

Family (Mom had to stay in Colorado)

Me cutting it up
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To Phoenix in Oct for Niece Whitney's Wedding

Izaac all dressed up

Morgan and Pappy

Me all dressed up

Danny and Whitney
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pictures from 2009

Well, it was a crazy year.
We are still getting mom through school, so here are some much needed pictures of part of last year.
More Fall/Winter pictures to come.

Sept visit from Nana and Pop

hiking to Hanging Lake

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Izaac is 5!!!

A new BMX bike - and grandma sent a helmet!

5 years old!!
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BMX awards; First day of school

Izzie wins 3rd and 2nd

Izaac wins 3rd -wed night ribbons

Izzie starts 1st grade, Izaac starts KG
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More Wyoming

Sadie demonstrating Old Faithful

Izaac, Izzie, Cooper, Sadie and Old Faithful
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More Wyoming

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